Top 5 Vacation Spots in Malaysia, Batik Boutique-style

It’s summertime and that means sun, sand and sea. Malaysia is rich with places to spend your vacation or go for “jalan jalan”. At Batik Boutique, we believe in supporting local. Here’s a look at some of our favourite Malaysian travel destinations with our recommended Batik Boutique products to take along with you.


One of the most popular spots in Malaysia is none other than Langkawi Island. An island blessed with beautiful beaches, stunning views and its special status as duty-free zone so you can enjoy shopping like no tomorrow.


Walk along the beach, bask in the sun and watch the beautiful sunset in one of our batik pareos. Our Golden Pineapple pareo is 100% cotton with our newest tropical pineapple motif and immerse yourself in the moment. Enjoying the sea breeze? Style our Cobalt Fern kimono and feel the breeze in our silk cotton.

black sawit palm tree batik shirts

Our beach-ready cuban men’s shirts were made for sunny days at the beach. Our favourite Sawit Men’s Shirt is ready for a the tropics and made of 100% hand-painted cotton for a unique design. Prefer a slimmer fit? Then our new Palm Tree batik shirts in a straight cut are designed for going out and about.


Located on Penang Island, Georgetown is a must-visit spot to a city where modern lifestyle intertwines with its history and heritage.


Put on our Mauve Dandelion batik camisole to stay cool in the heat as you go out and about walking the streets, appreciating the artworks and searching for the best street food in town. Match it with our Mauve Dandelion batik skirt for a full set in our beautifully handmade batik apparel.


Men can go with our batik shirts such as Coral Maroon and Violet Firework to remain relaxed in this warm climate. Our batik shirts are made with 100% cotton and comfortable to wear for any occasion.

Sipadan Island

If you’re into diving and have a deep appreciation for marine life, we suggest you visit Sipadan Island. This island has appealed as one of the best dive spots in the world and is highly sought after by divers for its beautiful sightings.

“I have seen other places like Sipadan years ago. Now we have found again an untouched piece of art”. – Jacques-Yves Cousteau


With a place so focused on aquatic activities, it feels right to go with our Navy Sawit batik apparels such as cotton Camisole, Shorts and Navy Sawit Men’s Shirt. You can also bring along our newest Black Sawit Batik Beach Bag to hold all your belongings as you set out for a day of snorkelling or diving. 



Another city blending both modern and history into one is the capital of Pahang that is Kuantan. From beaches to rainforests and historical sites, there are many attractions for tourists to visit and enjoy. 


Our favourite place to visit is one of Pahang’s most beautiful beaches - Teluk Chempedak. For many years it has been both local and tourists’ favourite location to visit to enjoy the beautiful scenery there. Feel the sea breeze on this rocky, white sandy beach in our Olive Wave batik kimono as the kimono flows gracefully in the wind. We also recommend our Brown Arabesque shirt for that historical vibe or Navy Airplane shirt as a wanderlust visitor.


Cameron Highlands


Feel like escaping from the heat? Then cool yourself down in Cameron Highlands, one of the oldest must-visit destinations in Malaysia. It is famous for its cooler temperature, renowned tea plantations and strawberry farms.

Walk through the beautiful gardens looking picturesque with our Teal Wave kimono, matching the cool, refreshing atmosphere. You can also enjoy sipping a cup of fine tea in our Teal Cloud batik shirt, looking classy and elegant as the teal cloud design fits right at home.

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