Batik Face Masks

Mask in style while supporting sustainable fashion. Each mask is artisan made from comfortable and breathable hand-painted fabric with an envelope slit at the bottom for an optional filter and a nose wire for added shape.

All masks are 3 layers unless stated differently, as recommended by the WHO (World Health Organization) guidelines. Our masks were tested by a third party affiliate in Europe and meet the qualification for the European particle filtration standard EN 149:2001 FFP1. They each have the option to insert a fourth layer of filter.

Each comes packaged in a biodegradable and reusable cornstarch pouch for a stylish and eco-friendly option for storage. A reusable mask is much better for the environment and cost effective over time and they can be washed and reused.

Currently, we have three mask designs. The first design has elastic bands that go over the head to give your ears a rest and are sometimes preferred by women wearing the headscarf and some men.

The second mask design has elastic behind the ears. We find that If someone has long hair and wears it down, they often prefer this type as do some men.

The third type is rounded up the bridge of the nose, with adjustable ear straps. This mask will stay in place well and wearable for all shape and size faces.

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