3 Reasons Corporate Gifting Business

Corporate gifts are very important in business. Common reasons for giving gifts are to show appreciation, motivate clients, or engage with employees or customers. Corporate gifting is a great strategy to strengthen business relationships as it bridges the gap between customers and vendors, employer and employee.

The following are three main reasons companies give corporate gifts according to Forbes:


1. Gives the brand good exposure and creates awareness


Corporate gifting increases awareness and the exposure of your brand to more people. Promotional gifts can be customized for each company and even personalized for its recipient. For example, you can include your company logo, artwork, colors and brand personality to create unique gifts. Corporate gifts generate positive publicity for brands and companies.

Coresight Research shows approximately 60% of corporate gift spending will be on gifts to clients and partners outside the organization and 40% for internal employee recognition and awards.


2. Stand out from the crowd


Just like each company has its own unique selling proposition, personality, and culture, gifts should be unique and interesting to the recipient.  Use corporate gifting as an opportunity to boost sales and impact revenue in a positive way and develop long lasting professional relationships, and even better if the gift is memorable

According to the study, corporate gift buyers look for the following in gifts: good quality products (88%), timely delivery (82%) and a wide variety of gifts to choose from (81%).


3. Boost morale in your team

Corporate gifts aren't just for customers and clients. Employees are an organization’s biggest asset, and gifts can help them feel appreciated. People work better when they are valued and appreciated. Gifts can be sent to employees during significant milestones such as onboarding, birthdays, anniversaries, events, or as a gesture for a job well done. 


The study shows that corporate gifts are money well spent. Over 80% of respondents said gifts have improved relationships with employees and/or clients.



There you have it our top 3 reasons why corporate gifts play an important role in business strategies. At Batik Boutique we are ready to help curate the gifts you need to build into your business. Contact us for unique and memorable gifts for your customers and employees, and will will be happy to help you with our excellent customer service.

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