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embodying slow fashion for a fair supply chain

We are now certified B Corporation. As a B Corp, we’re part of a global community of businesses that meet high standards of social and environmental impact.

From fabric usage to batik process including packaging and supporting side projects, the social enterprise continues to grow its CSR practices for a better tomorrow.

Fabric used

Batik as a wax-resisting printing technique only requires natural fibers, which means we only can work with natural materials. From cotton to cotton silk including viscose, Batik Boutique only uses the finest fabrics. Our Kids and Boxers collection also come from fabric remnants and are considered one-offs.

Batik process

We use low impact dyes and mix just enough dye not to have any left overs. Once the water has been boiled after using it during the washing process, we split the layers and keep the wax to reuse it. The only water thrown away would be the one too colored, otherwise we'll reuse it for another batch.

Malaysian Artisans

We only collaborate with local artisans, born and raised in Malaysia, working in Malaysia.

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Low impact dyes

We ensure we produce just enough dyes to avoid any left overs.

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Low water usage

We do our best to practice low water usage and always reuse when possible.



NEW in our efforts in sustainability is our online order packaging in eco-friendly bags and boxes. By using recycled and sustainable packaging we reduce the impact brands like fast fashion use that damage our environment for future generations.

Corporate practices

We encourage our corporate clients to reduce the use of single use plastic for large orders and provide alternatives. For example, in one order we managed to convince a company to reduce 1.5 million bags for products we produced!

growing efforts

To offset any 2022 emission, we partnered with a local association that helps replanting mangrove trees to participate in the ecosystem. We continue to do our part to be a zero carbon footprint company.

Contribution to PIFWA

We collaborate with the Mangrove Forest Education Center. Each mangrove tree we plant removes 307kg of CO2 while it grows.


Batik Boutique is working collectively towards a brighter tomorrow: the social enterprise has been accredited by the Malaysian government at the highest level of social impact, meeting UN SDG's 1, 5 & 8.