300+ Artisans Employed

With Fair Wages

150+ Women Trained

In marketable skills

1500+ Beneficiaries

Creating Stronger Communities

Batik Boutique exists to do good as we do business. Our main area of impact is in our artisans' communities. We provide skills training and income opportunities to makers across Malaysia. As a company we are committed to the UN SDGs for no poverty, fair work conditions and gender equality. In addition, we use a portion of all revenue for impact projects like capacity building training and refugee education. 

Thank you for your partnership as a customer. Each order you make will impact the lives of many artisans and their families as we strive to bring Malaysian batik to the world while doing good to those around us. 

Income Opportunities

We provide income opportunities for 300+ artisans so they can break the cycle of poverty and create stronger communities for generations to come.

Skills Training

We provide skills training for 150+ women so they can provide for their families while working in fair and safe environments that teach and empower skills needed for growth and development. 

Together We Can Do Good


"Having a steady income has greatly improved the quality of life for my children and me."


"I have grown more financially independent and confident since working at Batik Boutique."


"I dream of providing a better life for my children."

Impact Projects - We believe in giving back and paying it forward

Wanie's dream to be a block maker

Batik Boutique purchased equipment for Wanie to learn the traditional method of batik block making from a master to carry on this endangered heritage skill and keep batik thriving.

Rebuilt Aznan's Roof

Aznan was forced to send his workers home during the monsoon season until we rebuilt his roof and provided a concrete floor as a give back from company profits from customers like you.

Our profits funded Financial Literacy programs for for ex-prisoners and recovering drug addicts to teach life skills as they seek a second chance.

Each month, Batik Boutique sponsors 20 refugee children's education through Fugeelah and Greater Action. All made possible through your purchases. 

The Covid-19 pandemic left many in need. Your purchases enable us to support 400 families with food and essentials on an ongoing basis