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Reward Your Team or Impress Your Clients with Unique, Eco-friendly, Batik-inspired Gifts - Perfect for ESG Conscious, Socially Responsible Organizations.

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400+ Artisans Employed 

Providing fair wages that foster dignity and independence for skilled artisans.

200+ Women Trained

Equipped with marketable skills, nurturing self-reliance, and inspiring hope.

B-Corp Certified

Championing ESG and SDG goals with sustainable, culturally-rich gifts and ethical manufacturing practices.

Supporting b40 communities

Strengthening Rural and Urban Areas through Inclusive Opportunities

Preserving Heritage

Celebrating Over 1 Million+ Batik Pieces Handmade with Passion and Care

Committed to Sustainability

Crafting with Eco-Friendly Materials, Reducing Waste, and Saving Energy

Designs & Packages

Explore new gifting possibilities with Batik Boutique

Standard designs with Your Customizations

Discover our wide array of artisanal batik gift sets, thoughtfully crafted to suit your unique gifting requirements including smaller MOQs. Personalize products with your logo or event for that special touch.

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Bespoke Designs

Collaborate with our in-house creative experts to craft bespoke corporate gift set designed from scratch, uniquely crafted to reflect your branding needs.

Minimum order quantity of 500 units (8-10 week lead time)

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Why Companies prefer Batik Boutique as a Gifting partner

ESG & SDG Driven Gifting

Crafted by artisans with eco-friendly materials, our batik gifts in sustainable packaging preserve cultural heritage and align with ESG and SDG goals.


We partner with local artisans in Malaysia to provide you world class craftsmanship that nuture their skills and promote fair wages.

Flexible quantities

Whether it's 5 or 500,000 pieces, we've got you covered with attractive bulk discounts.

Custom Designs

We offer bespoke designs from scratch, all curated by our skilled in-house design team to meet your custom needs.

Flexible Delivery

We offer delivery direct to your company or recipients based on your requests in partnership with our logistics team.

Quality assurance

Each of your orders will be carefully checked, ensuring our promise of delivering high-quality products to you.


Corporate Catalogue

Download our latest catalog and discover the perfect corporate gifts that reflect your organization’s values and style.

We Are a Certified B Corporation

Certified B Corporations prioritize people and the planet, meeting rigorous standards in social and environmental performance through a thorough assessment by the non-profit B Lab. This demonstrates their commitment to transparency and legal accountability.

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ESG and SDG-Driven Gifting

Our sustainably crafted pieces by local women artisans, including those from underserved communities, come in eco-friendly packaging.

Each piece supports cultural preservation, aligning with your ESG and SDG goals for enhanced sustainability and social responsibility. This underscores our commitment to these global objectives.

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Handcrafted Distinction

Each Batik Boutique gift is a celebration of Malaysian artisanal heritage, offering your team a touch of modern cultural that mass-produced items simply cannot match.

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Exquisite Craftsmanship

Every product is a testament to quality and durability, handcrafted with attention to detail by skilled artisans with your company needs in mind.

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Ethical Excellence

Our commitment to fair trade practices and uplifting local communities aligns with the values of companies dedicated to making a difference.

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Featured Designs

Browse our selection of sustainable gifts, loved by past customers, and perfect for any occasion.

Matrade | gift Set

We created customized batik gift sets for Matrade including pouches and travel accessories for foreign dignitaries and heads of state, supporting Malaysian batik products.


Tourism Malaysia partnered with us for a bespoke gift set including ketupat bag, necktie, and pocket square – all developed with customizations just for them.

khazanah | roll up travel pouch

We designed and manufactured travel bags and batik tumblers for Khazanah Research Institute to celebrate the KRI Forum 2023 in customized packaging.


GIS partnered with us to create custom batik + leather passport covers in 3 different colorways in our signature batik prints for their gifting.


ConocoPhillips supported artisans with batik + leather business card holders and cufflinks for their counterparts abroad, highlighting the uniqueness of Malaysian heritage from their Malaysia office.

UEM | pouches & card holders

Edgenta, a member of UEM group purchased batik pouches and card holder sets for their internal teams to show staff appreciation while supporting ESG initiatives.

Spotify | kimonos & MEN's shirts

We designed custom batik motifs incorporating Spotify logo and music notes for their regional employee corporate apparel in designs that set them apart.

coway | men's shirts

We created bespoke batik prints for Coway in batik corporate shirts for their team, completely designed from scratch from inspiration of their corporate logo.

US Embassy | Neck Ties

The United States Embassy supported artisan made with batik neck ties and pocket squares for their staff, highlighting a corporate look for their headquarters in Malaysia.



"Having worked with Batik Boutique very closely, I dare say that they are definitely at the forefront in driving social change in the country."

- Hairol, MaGIC


"The designs are handcrafted with contemporary flair bringing out the best of beauty while showcasing the striking beauty Batik. We are extremely proud of this collaboration!"

– L’Oreal


"I admire their mission and work ethic and look forward to future collaborations."

- Radhika, Kimberly Clark

Our certification, accreditation and education partners

How It Works

Socially responsible corporate gifting in 4 simple steps: From consultation to delivery

Step 1: Initiate Contact

Schedule a no-obligation call by using the form provided below:

  • Share product quantity requirements and any budget
  • Provide preferred delivery dates and location requirements
  • Let us know the gifting occasion or theme
  • Share any ideas of product choices or customizations required

    Our corporate gift experts will provide you with tailored guidance as next steps.

Step 2: Design and Package Selection

After a successful exploratory call, a quotation will be sent to you. Upon confirmation of products and placing a deposit, our account managers will assist you in scheduling design meetings or managing production based on your custom or existing batik design preferences.

Step 3: Quality Assurance Process

Following successful production, each product undergoes quality control by our quality assurance team to ensure your gifts are crafted with care and precision. Items are then carefully packaged and shipped out to you.

Step 4: Delivery Coordination

After examination and packaging, our logistics team will ship to individual recipients or a single location, as per your choice.

Your account manager will stay in touch via WhatsApp for smooth delivery coordination.

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Complete the form and let us show you how our unique batik creations can elevate your corporate gifts. No obligations, only possibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Batik Boutique's offerings seamlessly integrate with our ESG and CSR values, championing sustainable practices, fair trade, and women's empowerment, ensuring our collaboration prioritizes social and environmental responsibility.

Honoring Malaysian heritage, Batik Boutique's products not only showcase authentic craftsmanship but actively contribute to preservation by supporting local artisans, fostering cultural appreciation, and blending traditional techniques into contemporary designs.

Batik Boutique's dedication to sustainability and ethics is evident in its use of eco-friendly materials, fair wages, and transparent business practices, aligning seamlessly with our organization's commitment to responsible partnerships.

With a track record of successful collaborations with government-linked and large-scale organizations, Batik Boutique leverages its social impact initiatives and artisanal expertise to fulfill CSR and gifting goals, showcasing the positive outcomes of socially conscious business practices

At Batik Boutique, our commitment to transparency and positive impact is evident in our employee appreciation programs. We offer unique and bespoke options that align with your company's values, fostering a sense of value and recognition among your team.

Our customization services go beyond mere personalization – we seamlessly integrate your corporate identity into our gifts, allowing you to celebrate individual achievements while maintaining brand consistency, providing a professional and meaningful touch to your corporate gifting experience.

Batik Boutique accommodates both bulk and customized purchases for corporate clients with flexible minimum order requirements. We tailor our approach to suit your specific needs for all your corporate gifting endeavors.

After submitting an inquiry for corporate gifts with Batik Boutique, expect a prompt and personalized follow-up. Our dedicated team ensures clear communication and a transparent process to address your needs and guide you through the selection and customization journey.

To ensure the integrity of our packaging and deliver gifts in excellent condition, Batik Boutique employs rigorous quality control measures. Each item is meticulously packaged, and our reliable delivery partners prioritize the safe and timely arrival of your customized gifts.

Batik Boutique provides comprehensive logistical support and dedicated account management for handling complex, large-scale orders. Our experienced team ensures smooth coordination and execution, guaranteeing the success of your corporate gifting projects.

Pricing for corporate accounts at Batik Boutique is structured competitively, and we offer attractive incentives for large-volume orders. Our transparent pricing model ensures that you receive value for your investment while enjoying the benefits of ordering in higher quantities.

For corporate transactions, Batik Boutique accepts various payment methods to provide flexibility and security. Whether through credit cards, wire transfers, or other options, our payment process is designed to accommodate your business preferences while prioritizing the security of transactions.

Batik Boutique understands the importance of satisfaction in corporate gifting. Our return policy for corporate gift orders is designed to address specific needs, and our dedicated aftercare team is available to support and assist with any post-purchase inquiries, ensuring a positive and enduring partnership.

Should your inquiries remain unanswered, please feel free to contact us for further assistance. You can reach us via email at info@batikboutique.comor by calling +603-2382 0370. We value your feedback and are here to address any questions you may have. Thank you for considering The Batik Boutique.