Hosting an Ethical Holiday Party

The holidays are an exciting time of the year. They are full of time spent with family, friends, parties, and good food. This year I decided that I wanted to host our holiday party AND create social impact to those in my wider community. I'd like to share some ideas and tips you can incorporate to make your party more benevolent.

1. Set the holiday mood

Batik Boutiques range of holiday home furnishings  that bring the satisfaction of creating that holiday look whilst knowing you are contributing to empowering one of our seamstresses

2. Partner with a catering company that makes an impact socially 

I am fortunate enough to have worked along side The Picha Project, another social enterprise that empowers the marginalized communities through its sustainable catering and food delivery service. Plus, their food is yummy.


3. Organize a gift drive

Why not ask each guest or family to bring along a copy of their favorite children’s book that can be packaged and sent to the local children’s home or refugee
center? The Fugee School is a partner NGO Batik Boutique supports.

4. Give a gift that keeps on giving 

Gift your guests with a party favor sourced from an ethical organization. This year I decided to gift each family one our Batik Boutique tree ornaments, creating a memory and an impact.


Whatever you decide to do for your holiday parties, I wish you a Merry and Bright Holiday season and many meaningful experiences with those you love. 

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