It's better to give than to receive

We’ve all heard that saying, but that doesn’t mean we truly believe it.
Sure, it’s good to give a gift to someone else. We get the satisfaction of seeing their face light up and knowing that we have made them happy. But what if our gift giving could go beyond just making the recipient happy? What if we could bring a smile to more than one face? What if we could contribute to changing the course of action of a whole family? How much better would our gift-giving feel then?

Artisans Noor, Sumarni, and Ana working on the final details of our Holiday Collection products

I recently read an article on-line by Forbes magazine titled "The Science Of Giving Back: How Having A Purpose Is Good For Body And Brain." It talked about how you can increase your longevity and mental health if you are able to carve out your purpose in life. It suggested finding a problem you’d like to be a small part of helping solve, or investigating volunteer opportunities are available to you.

It got me thinking. Not all of us have time to give or the space to really think about all the problems in the world we want to resolve. But what all of us can do is take small steps like becoming more conscious in our everyday purchases.

With the holiday’s fast approaching, I am sure, like me, you have a long list of gifts to buy. Why not partner with organisations or businesses that are already addressing issues close to our heart?

By simply choosing to take the opportunity to buy gifts from a social enterprise such as ours, you are making a conscious decision to address some of life’s inequalities, working towards fulfilling your purpose as well as that warm and fuzzy feeling you get inside when someone is really grateful of the gift they have received.

Buying gifts from Batik Boutique is a great opportunity to support the impact that our business is having on local communities in Malaysia and a great way to share this value with your friends and loved ones.

Here's to a purposeful holiday season!


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