New Collection: Fall/Winter 2015

The Batik Boutique Fall/Winter Collection's theme is old world charm meets modern day woman. Our team carefully handpicked the best batik stamps and motifs from traditional artisan designs and hand-dyed gorgeous textiles in rich hues and classic Fall/Winter color schemes.

In this collection, you'll find some of our best sellers like our cotton infinity scarves in neutral colors you can wear year round. Additionally, we've added 100% silk scarves, hand-dyed in our studio with locally sourced plant based dyes. As part of our new eco-friendly products, these hand-dyed silk scarves dyed from mangosteen or turmeric make the perfect gift for any woman who loves fashion and is conscious of the environmental impact of fashion.

Also, in this collection, we designed a gorgeous new product for travelers. Our jewelry roll, which is lined in satin and framed in leather, is my favorite product yet! We are sure any woman in your life would love to receive one of these.

As The Batik Boutique is based in Kuala Lumpur, downtown is the perfect location for our photo shoot. KL is a bustling city, full of entrepreneurs and trade, the streets busy with cars and tourists, and historic sites like the National Textile Museum and Merdeka Square. We captured some of the old world charm our great city has to offer. And of course, we hope you can identify with out beautiful model, Lydia. As an expat living in KL, Lydia is the mother of two children. She is authentic, kind, and as funny as they come. And she is a supporter of The Batik Boutique and our locally and ethically produced gifts and fashion accessories.

When you purchase from The Batik Boutique, you are not only supporting hand-crafted art, you are joining a movement of women empowerment. Each product is made locally, by women whose stories we will continue to tell. And each product you purchase, gives her another opportunity to tell a story she can be proud of.

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