This year's summer collection is all about mixing the new with the old. We have taken the ancient art form of batik and integrated it with contemporary styles such as color blocking, dual color patterns and clean lines for a classic look that will never be out of season. Mixing these styles with pops of color has been our go-to for the summer months. 
We particularly like our products to complement nature and our surroundings. Just look at the pink in the leather strap tote next to the leafy green of the tropical plant! Summer is hot but our swimsuit cover-ups are lightweight and breathable making the heat a little more bearable.
Join with the Batik Boutique and help support artisans in Malaysia today! A portion of the profits from the sale of all of our products (yes, every single one) benefits artisan training in Malaysia. At the Batik Boutique we support the community around us by promoting fair trade in Malaysia and funneling a portion of our proceeds directly into the community for practical needs. As a social enterprise, we believe in the empowerment of women and giving opportunities to those who seek them. By employing single moms, those struggling to make ends meet and others seeking a future for themselves and their families we hope to not only make an impact but change their lives forever.

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