Hari Raya: What Is Fasting?

What do you believe Ramadan is about? While many would answer “fasting”, that is partially correct.

The Arabic word for the fasting activity actually means “to refrain”. Other than eating and drinking, the word implies refraining from all activities that give them temporary pleasure including smoking and even gossipping. It is truly a time for Muslims practice full devotion to their faith and empathy with the less fortunate.

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“Even though fasting is difficult, I do it because I believe whatever is commanded by God for me to do must be good for me”, Fitri says (above: Fitri and her daughter). 

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“When I fast, I am often tired, sleepy, and sometimes even cranky. That feeling reminds me to be thankful of what God has blessed me with and what I have everyday”, Ana comments (above: Ana and her daughter).

The month is also a time where Muslims pay an endowment, called zakat fitrah in Malaysia, which is required by shariah law. It is believed to be an atonement for all the wrong deeds committed during the month and is given to organizations such as Islamic charities and funds.

Of course, Muslims are encouraged to be generous all year round. At Batik Boutique, we believe that our artisans, many of whom are Muslim, have the potential to rise up beyond their backgrounds or circumstances and take ownership and pride in what they do. And we respect and encourage that their faith is an important part of their growth and success.

batik Malaysia

“Before working at Batik Boutique, I had more worries about everything in life. The fasting period is all about patience and endurance for me. I’m grateful to Batik Boutique for their patience and endurance too”, Ida explains (above: Ida and her husband).

Every purchase made at the Batik Boutique directly benefits the people who work with us. During Ramadan, though denying themselves many earthly pleasures, they continue to work hard and create better lives for their families. Let’s all try to make a positive difference in the lives of others this month.

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