Unlocking Sustainable Possibilities: The Prestige of B-Corp Certification in Malaysia and Singapore

Embrace Sustainable Corporate Gifting with Batik Boutique, a Globally Renowned B-Corp Certified Company

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Hey there, corporate world changemakers! Looking to make a positive impact through sustainable corporate gifting? Look no further than Batik Boutique! We're beyond excited to share our sustainability journey and the prestigious B-Corp certification we've earned. As one of the few companies in Malaysia and Singapore with this globally renowned recognition, we're here to show you the power of sustainable corporate gifting and how it can make a difference.

Why B-Corp Certification Matters

"Our B-Corp certification sets the standard for excellence in sustainable gifting, and we're proud to be part of a global community of like-minded companies. Together, we can create a brighter and more sustainable future." - Founder and CEO, Amy Blair, Batik Boutique

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At Batik Boutique, sustainability is at the core of everything we do. That's why achieving B-Corp certification was such a significant milestone for us. It's a seal of approval that shows our commitment to using business as a force for good. With this certification, we prioritise transparency, accountability, and positive impact across our operations, making a difference in the lives of workers, communities, customers, and the environment.

When you choose Batik Boutique for your corporate gifting needs, you're not just selecting a supplier. You're joining us on our mission and aligning your company with sustainable practices. Our B-Corp certification sets the standard for excellence in sustainable gifting, and we're proud to be part of a global community of like-minded companies. Together, we can create a brighter and more sustainable future.

The Rising Prestige of B-Corp Certification in Malaysia, Singapore, and Beyond

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Let us fill you in on a little secret: B-Corp certification is a big deal. And it's an even bigger deal here in Malaysia and Singapore. Only a select few companies have achieved this prestigious certification in our region, making it a rare and significant accomplishment. Batik Boutique proudly stands among these trailblazers, leading the charge towards sustainability and responsible business practices.


But here's the thing: the prestige of B-Corp certification extends far beyond our borders. It's a globally recognized mark of excellence that speaks volumes about our dedication to sustainability. By choosing Batique Boutique for your corporate gifting, you're not just getting exceptional products—you're making a statement. You're showcasing your commitment to sustainability, both locally and on a global scale.

"The appetite for B Corp certification is growing across Asia, as companies doing good look to differentiate from those that just talk a good game", a quote from an article from Business Chief.

Sustainable Corporate Gifting with Batik Boutique

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Let's dive into the heart of the matter: sustainable corporate gifting with Batique Boutique. We understand the importance of thoughtful, eco-friendly gifts that leave a positive impact. Our B-Corp certification ensures that we offer a wide range of sustainable and socially responsible products that reflect your company's values.


Curious to see what we have in store? Visit our website to explore our sustainable corporate gifting solutions. Our catalogue is filled to the brim with ethically sourced materials, fair trade practices, and products that are kind to both people and the planet.

Oh, and did we mention our B-Corp certification? It's a testament to our unwavering commitment to sustainability . Ultimately, at Batik Boutique, we take pride in our ethical sourcing practices. We go the extra mile to ensure that every product we offer is responsibly produced, so you can feel good about your corporate gifting choices. Discover more about our commitment to ethical sourcing at batikboutique.com/ethical-sourcing.

More Useful Information on Sustainability:

an infographic detailing the sustainable development goals


Sustainable Business Practices: Gain insights into the broader spectrum of sustainable business practices and their benefits at sustainablebusiness.com.


Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Understand how B-Corp certification aligns with the United Nations' SDGs and contributes to a more sustainable future at un.org/sustainabledevelopment.

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