Top 5 Sustainable Gifts for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and if you're looking for a sustainable and unique gift for your mom, look no further than Batik Boutique’s Mother’s Day Collection. Based in Malaysia, Batik Boutique creates stunning products made with authentic Malaysian batik fabric and is committed to empowering women artisans from low-income backgrounds. 

As CEO and Founder Amy Blair, who is also a mother of three, describes, "As a mom, I understand the desire to create a better life for my children. That's why empowering mothers and communities is at the heart of what we do at Batik Boutique. We want to provide premium quality batik gifts and apparel that are not only unique but also impactful for your mom this Mother's Day."

Here are the top 5 sustainable gift ideas for Mother's Day featuring Batik Boutique's Malaysian batik scarvesbatik bags, batik kimonos, batik dresses, and batik organizer sets.

1. Batik Bags & Pouches
 Woman holding ketupat bag in turqoise tikar, handcrafted in Malaysia. Woman holding batik tote bag in blue nautical fern, handcrafted in Malaysia. Hand holding coffee cup and on table have batik zip pouch and card holder in grey peony, handcrafted in Malaysia.

Every mom needs bags! Our top picks are the ultimate “Mom bag” - our batik tote bags and the ever so quirky batik ketupat bags,- stylish, practical, and durable - just like mom.  They come in a variety of prints so you can find the perfect match for your mom's style in our batik bag collection.

2. Batik Kimonos
 Lifestyle shot of woman in blue Sky Bukit batik kimono from Batik Boutique's Raya 2023 collection inspired by Malaysia's hills. Model posing wearing a batik Shibori kimono in mangosteen natural dye, handmade in Malaysia. Woman wearing Batik Kimono in Black Fern, front view

Make your mom stand out above the rest with a statement piece from Batik Boutique's batik kimonos, made with premium silk cotton, sewn by female artisans. From pastels to bold, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Sized one size fits most, this is the go-to piece for every mom. Wear it at the beach as a cover up, over a dress to go for dinner, add it to slacks for a meeting.

3. Batik Loungewear
women standing while wearing natural dye mangosteen skirt and camisole women sit on chair with batik camisole and shorts in mint bloom Women standing with one leg at the back. Wearing Shibori Wide Legs Trousers & camisole in Terracotta

Each of our batik camisoles and shorts is handmade with modern batik on top of being comfortable, breathable, and perfect for lounging at your leisure, making them a thoughtful Mother's Day gift for the fashion-forward and socially conscious mom. Choose from batik camisoles, batik shorts, batik trousers or batik skirts and mix and match your daily wear. 

4. Batik Scarves
Model holding batik scarf in brush olive flatlay of black fern and scarf box

Handcrafted by skilled artisans, these versatile batik scarves feature beautiful patterns and colors that reflect rich culture and heritage. Each piece is made with 100% silk cotton and low impact dyes and is perfect for adding a pop of color to any outfit  and comes in a beautiful black box, ready for gifting. 

5. Batik Organizer Set
Organizer sets of Batik Zip Pouch and Card Holder Wallet in Blue Nautical Fern Organizer sets of Batik Zip Pouch and Card Holder Wallet in Purple Bintik

Keep mom organized on-the-go with Batik Boutique's Organizer Sets, to help mom stay organized. This set includes a batik zip pouch and card holder wallet with a key ring, making it easy to keep essentials in one place. The unique batik design is created by women artisans from low-income backgrounds, and by purchasing this set, you are empowering these women to support their families and communities.

In addition to supporting sustainable and ethical fashion, purchasing from Batik Boutique also supports the social impact story of empowering women and mothers in Malaysia. Nor, a seamstress at Batik Boutique, says that "Batik Boutique has given me the opportunity to provide a better future for my seven children." 

Batik Boutique products are available for purchase online worldwide with FREE shipping in Malaysia, FREE shipping to Singapore, and FREE shipping to US. The website is easy to navigate and offers a wide range of products to choose from. 

You can also shop in-stores at The Row, Desa Sri Hartamas and Desaru Coast.

Make this Mother's Day special by choosing a gift that makes a difference for other mothers too with a sustainable and unique gift from Batik Boutique. By choosing Batik Boutique, you're not only supporting a sustainable brand but also celebrating the beauty of Malaysian batik and making a positive impact on the lives of women artisans and their families. 

Social impact by batik boutique

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