Take Your Yoga Practice Beyond the Mat

The beauty of yoga is that you don’t have to be a seasoned professional to reap the benefits. And to celebrate the launch of our very first capsule collection with Atilia Haron, our favourite yogini pens her thoughts to share her yoga journey and how the practice has transformed her life outside the studio.

My affair with yoga began 17 years ago.

All my health freak friends were in serious relationships with gym, tennis or climbing rocks. I so wanted to climb rocks but I have really sweaty palms. I wanted to swim daily but my hair is too frizzy. Each to their own I suppose, but admittedly, it was a little frustrating that I could not find some form of physical activity that suited me. I was told that carrying my fat cat, Precious, from one room to another could not be counted as a legitimate exercise. I was devastated, and so was Precious (she’s a bit lazy).

Then one day, I discovered yoga. Right after my first class, I felt my muscles, joints and bones screaming! I have never been active in anything physical other than Running Man, so I tried yoga thinking it was easy - I was so wrong. I challenged myself by going to the second class and from then on, it was nothing but love. 

As time went on and my love for yoga prevailed, I realised I was still looking for that perfect classroom that suited my lifestyle. In May 2014, I opened my first YogaOneThatIWant Yoga Studio. This yoga studio is an extension of the living room that I once hosted yoga lessons for my friends and me. A studio that feels like home, with a bunch of wonderful yoga instructors whom I believe, will guide us gently but firmly. Nothing intimidating, nothing fancy – just a cosy studio that offers yoga classes for both beginners and advanced practitioners. 

Yoga has helped me feel one with my body and mind and I haven’t looked back since. 

Becoming one with my mind is probably the best thing yoga has done for me. It has taught me to be present and let go of unimportant things. I care better now. I used to dwell so much in the past and plan so much for the future, I forgot to enjoy the now. Yoga has taught me to just think about the flow of my breath and that’s hard when you have an overactive mind.

This ability to be present has helped me beyond my yoga practice. It takes a bit of discipline, some perseverance and the power to just let go. When you do all this on the mat, you will feel like you are giving more than what you take - and that grounds you as a person. I love that. 

If you’re looking to start, here’s my advice: Don't push yourself. Start with breathing. And when you breathe right, everything falls into place nicely.

Be happy and be kind to yourself. Just show up on your mat and let go.


If you can’t wait to get to the studio - you’re in luck. The Atilia x Batik Boutique collection is here to help you find your inner yogi. This collaboration is not just another yoga collection - every item purchased from this collection directly impacts the artisans who handcrafted it. Each product tells a story: hand-painted by local batik artisans and sewn by women from marginalised communities in Malaysia. A meaningful story behind local handmade pieces that will last you a lifetime. 

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