Munirah - A Glimpse into the Life of One of Our Seamstresses

Munirah sews scarves, tumbler inserts, pillow covers, dresses and coasters and is becoming better at sewing these patterns every day. She never had any training in sewing before joining the Batik Boutique but she is quickly learning. Every second she trains, Munirah gets a little better and feels closer to accomplishing her dreams. With the income she is now gaining, Munirah is able to help her husband with the finances, buy groceries and provide for her children through paying school allowances, uniforms, etc. We asked her where she sees herself in a year and she says that she sees herself working in the Batik Boutique as a seamstress progressing in her skill.

Munirah’s favorite sewing technique is the straight edge seam because she says that it is the easiest. Sometimes she likes a challenge but other times she relishes the opportunity to sit back, relax and sew items that do not need all of her brainpower. This allows her to feel more at home. On weekends she enjoys watching movies at the cinema and going to the supermarket to buy new ingredients for dishes her husband and her will make for the coming week. Both her and her husband share in the responsibility of cooking for the family. Munirah loves making sambal ikan bilis (anchovy sambal) for her family as well as walking her kids to the playground in the afternoon after the sun isn’t as bright.

Munirah truly believes in the phrase, ‘sikit-sikit lama-lama jadi bukit’, which means if translated into English directly, ‘little by little over time will accumulate into a mountain’. She knows that over time, she will become better and better at what she is doing, perfecting her technique and honing her newfound skills. A common idiom in English which means the same thing as this Bahasa Melayu proverb is: ‘practice makes perfect’. Munirah is very grateful to be working for the Batik Boutique in an environment where she is able to increase in her knowledge of sewing within her own time frame. She also wants to thank the Batik Boutique’s supporters for their continuous encouragement and endorsement because it means more than they think.

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