Celebrating Sustainable Style: Zerrin x Batik Boutique Unite at "Best of Asia" Pop-Up

Introducing Zerrin: Where Sustainability Meets Style
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In a world that's increasingly focused on fast fashion and mass production, Zerrin emerges as a shining beacon of sustainable style. Founded by Susannah Jaffer, Zerrin is a Singapore-based platform that champions slow fashion, sustainability, and ethical practices in the fashion industry. With a commitment to showcasing independent and emerging brands that share these values, Zerrin has created a unique space for conscious consumers to discover quality, artisan-made items that stand the test of time.


Batik Boutique: Crafting Sustainability Through Tradition

a photo of authentic batik with the logo of b corporation certification, being awarded to batik boutique

At the heart of this sustainable fashion movement is Batik Boutique.  As a B-Corp certified brand, we share a deep-rooted commitment to ethical practices and the preservation of traditional craftsmanship. Founded by Amy Blair, Batik Boutique is renowned for its exquisite handcrafted batik textiles, blending heritage and contemporary design to create stunning, sustainable fashion pieces. 

United in Sustainability and Slow Fashion

a photo of an artisan in the process of making batik by using the brushing techniquea photo of a seamstress in the middle of cutting authentic batik fabric

Zerrin and Batik Boutique share common goals when it comes to sustainability and slow fashion. Both organizations prioritize quality over quantity, advocate for fair wages, and prioritize eco-friendly production processes. They recognize the importance of preserving cultural heritage while embracing modern design sensibilities.

"Best of Asia" Pop-Up: A Meeting of Minds

This November Zerrin is set to host an exciting pop-up experience at Anchorpoint Mall in Singapore. Titled "Best of Asia," this event promises to be a celebration of brands that not only champion style but also sustainable practices, celebrating the rich tapestry of cultures and design influences from across the region.

Join Us for Two Months of Sustainable Style
a lifestyle image of a model posing in an authentic batik in the pattern stone chainan image of a male model posing and looking to the side while wearing a genuine batik shirt in the pattern grey fireworkan image of an organizer set made of genuine batik in the pattern purple bintik with props accompanying the batik pouch and card holder wallet

Running from November 2nd until December 30th, the "Best of Asia" pop-up will showcase a curated selection of brands that resonate with Zerrin’s ethos. One of the highlights of this event is the collaboration between Zerrin and Batik Boutique. Attendees can look forward to discovering and purchasing Batik Boutique's quality artisan hand-made items that provide positive social impact and promote Malaysian Heritage.

Amy Blair, Founder of Batik Boutique, Shares Her Excitement
a headshot photo of the ceo and owner of batik boutique amy blair in front of batik boutique's store at the row, kl

Amy Blair, the visionary behind Batik Boutique, is excited about this collaboration. She notes, "We are thrilled to partner with Zerrin for the 'Best of Asia' pop-up. Zerrin's commitment to sustainable fashion aligns with our values at Batik Boutique. We can't wait to introduce our handcrafted batik products to a wider audience in Singapore and share the stories of our talented artisans."

Conclusion: Celebrate Sustainable Style at "Best of Asia"

As the "Best of Asia" pop-up unfolds at Anchorpoint Mall in Singapore, it's a testament to the power of collaboration between like-minded organizations dedicated to sustainable style. Zerrin and Batik Boutique invite you to join them on this two months-long journey, where you can explore, appreciate, and purchase quality artisan hand-made items that embody the spirit of slow fashion and sustainability.

Come be a part of this celebration of tradition, culture, and conscious consumption. Discover the magic that happens when Zerrin and Batik Boutique unite for sustainable style at its best. We look forward to seeing you there!


a group photo of multiple models in genuine batik in multiple patterns, sitting on a picnic tablea group photo models of different ages, posing happily together while wearing authentic batik all in the pattern forest green


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