Batik Made With Love, For Your Loved One

Cupid has struck and now is the time to show your loved one how much you love them and how much they mean to you.

To celebrate this day of love and appreciation, we have curated a selection of hand-crafted products made with love by artisans and with you in mind for the perfect gift.

Spread the love with our “Valentine’s Day Collection” and show love not only to your special someone but also to the artisan community who handcrafted them. 

For Your Special Lady

Gift the lady of your life with our “Hari Hari Mau Be Loved Gift Set” which includes a Batik Silk Robe (Crimson Arrow). This luxurious batik robe is handcrafted using silk cotton by skilled artisans using the batik method of wax resist dyeing and hand-painting.

Want an eco-dyed option? Gift her with Batik Boutique’s “Hari Hari Mau Be Adored Gift Set” complete with a Shibori Silk Robe (Mangosteen) using a hand-dyed technique called shibori from a plant-based dye of mangosteen. This makes it a timeless and eco-friendly addition to your wardrobe.

These robes are great for loungewear around the house or to be worn on any occasion. Both sets also include a free Chocolate Concierge Bon Bons and are packaged in a classy gift box, perfect for the woman who has it all.

Another great gift for the ladies that love to stay organised is the “Organizer Set”. This set includes a zip pouch, a card holder wallet, a free love ornament and a gift box. There are multiple variations of this set such as Black Fern, Grey Peony and Blue Nautical Fern so pick one that suits her the best.

For Your Extraordinary Gentleman

Style up your man with Batik Boutique’s “Batik Boxer Shorts + Shave Gift Set”, making them more dashing than ever before. The set comes in two variations, Midnight Arabesque and Rustic Camo. Each set includes a hand-printed batik boxer, a metal shave brush and shave cream made in Italy all packaged in a handsome gift box.

You can also jazz him up by picking any two of our men’s batik boxers and get free Chocolate Concierge Bon Bons when you checkout. These premium boxers are handmade with love by Malaysian artisans and made with 100% cotton, making them great additions to his fashion wardrobe. 

Two (or More) is Better Than One

If you’re thinking of something that both of you can enjoy, why not get each other Batik Boutique’s “Baking Set”, which comes with a batik apron, three assorted cookie cutters, a whisk and a sugar cookie recipe card, packaged in a gift box. Spend a lovely day together with your loved one with a relaxing activity such as baking or cooking, truly sharing your love with each other. There is also a matching kid’s set for those with families as well. 

Aside from that, you can get each other some Batik DIY Painting Kits for you to express your art and love for each other at home. You can also enjoy a lovely day together by attending one of our workshops, truly making your own personalised batik or shibori products with love.
Gift wrapping and deliveries are provided and personalised messages for your loved one can be requested. Shipping is FREE within Malaysia for orders over RM 200 and FREE internationally for orders of $100 USD or more.
Shop with purpose and every item purchased from this collection directly impacts the artisans involved. Each product tells a meaningful story behind Malaysian handmade pieces that will last you a lifetime. Shop online and in-store at Batik Boutique and let’s do good together.


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