Batik Boutique’s Top 5 Gifts for Father’s Day


Father’s day is commemorated and celebrated across nearly 90 countries in the month of June. Fathers are our friends, our protectors and our heroes. They give their all and help us frame our beliefs and principals. They are part of the foundation that makes us who we are. A beloved treasure to us all.

Batik Boutique have selected a variety of gifts that will surely bring a smile to these gems we call “Dad”.

Here are the top picks:


For the business savvy lad, check out the batik ties to look good even while at work. They also come with pocket squares to look extra classy when needed to be.



Aside from the ties, the batik long sleeve shirts make a great addition to dads’ sustainable wardrobe. Available in a variety of patterns such as Purple Firework, Grey Firework and Beige Kompas.

men batik shirt purple fireworkmen batik shirt beige kompas


Looking for a more laid back ensemble, Batik Boutique has a range of batik short sleeve shirts that come in a variety of patterns and colors. Twinning with your little one couldn’t be easier.

men batik shirt maroon coralmen batik shirt grey firework


How about grabbing a few batik boxers for a cozy day in? No fuss, no hassle as they are 100% cotton and machine washable. 

batik boxer set shaver rustic camobatik boxer black airplane


Does your dad like to cook? An inspiring chef? Why not gift him with the baking gift set which comes with a batik apron. A gift for dad and a gift for you. 

adult baking gift set batik apronadult baking gift set batik apron crimson nasi lemakadult baking gift set coral bunga

Gift with purpose with Batik Boutique this year for Father’s Day. Join us in supporting father’s around Malaysia provide for their families as you celebrate yours. You can make your purchase online or in-store at one of Batik Boutique’s locations.

male artisanmale artisan

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