A Trip To Kelantan

Earlier this month, the whole Batik Boutique team ventured to peninsular Malaysia’s east coast to Kota Bharu, Kelantan. Much of Malaysian batik takes root there, and many of the artisans Batik Boutique partners with are based in this region. The team had the wonderful opportunity to visit three of our batik artist groups, and it was incredible to witness them in their element.

Some artists, such as Suhaimi, have been creating batik for most of their lives, and many of their skills are passed down from their families. This expertise was clear in their efficient handiwork and was quite impressive to watch.

Batik artisan from Malaysia hand-dyeing fabric


Meeting the people behind the beautiful fabric used at Batik Boutique was such a treat. They taught us some of their trade secrets to perfecting batik. The artisans talked about the history and introduced us to some of their family members. One artisan’s father, Ibrahim, who started the family business with an uncle, told us about his desire for the batik business to help support his family of ten children. Witnessing his son give us a tour of the premises was a proud moment for him.

family batik business in Malaysia


During this trip, our team also had the opportunity to observe the creation of the batik used for our “Green Leaf” scarf from start to finish. This illuminated the whole picture of batik creation of one of our most popular products.

hand-blocked Malaysian batikempowering batik artisans in Malaysia


hand painting batik Green Leaf scarfethically made handmade batik green leaf scarf


There is a story and a community of people behind each product hand-crafted at Batik Boutique. And the trip to Kelantan introduced the first chapter of this story.

empowering batik artisans in Malaysia with Batik Boutique

Empowering women artisans with batik in Malaysia

These unique batik products, handcrafted with care in Malaysia, can be sent right to your doorstep. Shipping from both the U.S. and Malaysia. 

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