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After two years of muted celebrations, Malaysians are eager for the 65th anniversary of the country’s independence. With pandemic restrictions removed and 2022’s theme of “Keluarga Malaysia Teguh Bersama” celebrating our diversity and togetherness, there’s no better time to wear your heritage with Batik Boutique’s latest Merdeka collection. Our Kuala Lumpur and Nasi Lemak Collection both help to represent some of the many beautiful aspects of Malaysia. Express your Malaysian spirit with style and support our cultural heritage.

Nasi Lemak Collection

Batik Bags - Ketupat Bag (RM189.00), Tote Bag (RM279.00), Zip Pouch (RM109.00)

batik bag nasi lemak collection

Now nasi lemak isn’t just our favourite Malaysian dish - it’s an entire collection of artisanal products for everyday wear and at home. First is our popular ketupat bag. Whether you need a tote bag for groceries, a compact zip pouch, or a unique ketupat bag, we currently offer them in crimson, green, or black.

Men’s Batik Shirt (RM269.00)

men batik shirt nasi lemak collection

What could be more Malaysian than a batik shirt with a Nasi Lemak pattern? Available in a variety of collars and colours, you will absolutely find a sleek design fit for your preferences. Our modern batik style also ensures that our shirts are a unique and stylish gift for any occasion.

Homeware Gift Set (RM299.00)

batik homeware nasi lemakbatik homeware nasi lemak

Liven up your table with the Nasi Lemak homeware set. Each coming in sets of four, the placemats create a coloruful contrast on your table to create an interesting conversation., With different patterns on each side, each piece is reversible so you can match the pattern or contrast.

KL Collection

Wooden Tumbler (RM109.00)

wooden tumbler kl collection

If you are planning to attend the National Day parade at Merdeka Square, beat the heat by bringing a cool drink in our sustainably-made tumbler design. With important monuments of the KL skyline carefully engraved into it, our wooden finish helps to add an insulating effect alongside a smooth feel to the container.

KL Journal (RM89.00)

kl journal batik boutique

Take note of our latest notebooks. Fitted with a waterproof leather cover and premium ivory paper, our notebooks are durable and portable. With each of the KL buildings individually embossed on a teal or navy cover, the unisex design is a unique gift for anyone.

Writer’s Gift Set (RM189.00)

writer gift set batik boutique

A perfect gift for pen and paper users, the writer’s gift set combines our tumbler and journal into one package. Write down ideas as soon as they come with our journal, or stay hydrated on the go with our tumbler. Don’t write off how much this gift will mean for your recipient.

Batik DIY Painting Kit (RM59.00)

batik diy painting kits batik boutique

Take the opportunity to create your own beautiful rendition of Malaysian life with our batik DIY painting kits. Hone your knowledge of Malaysian culture, alongside your artistic skills, by painting a traditional wau kite, KLCC, or even a nasi lemak.

Be sure to celebrate Malaysian history and culture by wearing your heritage with Batik Boutique. Each purchase supports a century-old practice, and empowers marginalised communities with our comfortable, stylish products.

Selamat Hari Merdeka from Batik Boutique.

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