Batik Boutique x Spotify Impact

Batik Boutique partnered with the renowned music streaming service Spotify to create custom batik apparel for their team. With the hard work of our designers, artisans, and staff, Batik Boutique created beautiful shirts and kimonos with a story of design and of impact. Today, we would like to tell the story of how those pieces were created from fabric to finish.

batik boutique corporate order spotifybatik boutique corporate order spotifybatik boutique corporate order spotify

With Spotify’s request to create a design around their brand identity, our designer Gracy Philip, thought about how to represent an auditory art in visual form. When thinking about the concept, Gracy wanted to “amplify music using notes and the Spotify logo.” She brought in motifs such as sound waves to represent the wide range of music and emotions they bring, and merged the Spotify logo with a treble clef to create a unique shape. The resulting pattern had subtle musical themes which can be noticed upon closer inspection. 

Once the design was presented and finalised with Spotify, it was time to bring it to life in our production. Batik Boutique worked with 15 different artisans to hand-paint approximately 280 meters of fabric. Once the fabrics were painted and dried, the fabric was then cut and sewn at our sewing training centre as batik men’s shirts and kimonos for women.

batik boutique spotify corporate order impact

While our artisans were creating the fabrics, our team provided Spotify with customised packaging. Keeping with the theme, the background of our card was made from a scaled down pattern of our design, and printed with the message Spotify requested. Once both the cards and the apparel were completed, they were individually wrapped and sent to Spotify.

batik boutique spotify corporate order impact

Each story from our partnerships are unique, and the quality of our products and the beneficial impact towards local artisans are always a recurring theme. If you are also interested in custom-designed gifts for your company or organization, please contact us at

Together, we can do good!

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