Truly Malaysian Corporate Gifts

Traditional batik is something that says “Truly Malaysia” unlike any other product on the market today. However, sourcing customized hand-made gifts for conference attendees, clients or employees can be a difficult task. The Batik Boutique offers a wide range of personalized gifts including but not limited to: scarves, key fobs, customized notebooks and business card holders.

The corporate gift market is saturated with corporate premiums like pens, notebooks, office supplies and gadgets. Companies will often distribute these promotional products as a “thank you” for attending a conference or participating in an event. Many times these items are made cheaply and are sourced from companies who operate primarily for the sake of turning a profit rather than to better their communities.


A gift sourced from The Batik Boutique not only makes the recipient feel appreciated and valued, but it also contributes to alleviating the cycle of poverty right here in Malaysia. Each of our products are made from fabrics sourced from sustainable suppliers around Malaysia and are hand-crafted by our skilled artisans. While we take great pride in these premium products, and in our artisans.

No longer do companies have to decide between making clients and employees happy and doing a social justice. At The Batik Boutique, we provide an avenue to do both at the same time.

Our vision is to transform communities in Malaysia through producing high-quality batik gift and fashion products, and by having your premium gifts customized and produced by The Batik Boutique, you have the opportunity to take part in the transformation of the community, the environment and the lives of real people.

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