Just an Amazin' Collaboration

This Ramadan season for the entire month of June, the Batik Boutique and Amazin' Graze have teamed up together to give you a healthy way to give back to the community. We are offering four different gift sets (A, B, C, and D) that range in price from RM15-250 in order to meet everyone’s budget this festive season.

Gift set A costs RM15 and includes a Rose Skinny Cookies Snack Pack (50g) and a cotton pouch with a printed design. It can be for yourself, your family or as a thoughtful gift for company staff, especially during or at the end of a Ramadan dinner.

Gift set B costs RM25 to attain the perfect present to offer guests or people that deserve a small token of appreciation. It is made up of a cotton, printed pouch and a jar of Pandan Skinny cookies (100g).

Gift set C costs RM100 for a Sticky Date Granola Pack (250g), a Satay Lemongrass Nut Mix Pack (120g), a Rose Skinny Cookies Jar (100g) and two hand-printed tea towels.

Gift set D costs RM250 for a Sticky Date Granola Pack (250g), a Satay Lemongrass Nut Mix Pack (120g), a Rendang Coconut Nut Mix Pack (120g), Rose Skinny Cookies (100g), a Pandan Skinny Cookies Jar (100g), and either a hand-dyed, batik, silk scarf or a hand-drawn, batik neck tie.

What could be better than two local Malaysian brands working together? Two local Malaysian brands working together in order to better the community.

Amazin’ Graze is a healthy snacks start-up providing delectable treats without refined sugar, flour, artificial preservatives and colouring so that you gain the most nutritional content possible with each and every bite. The Batik Boutique is a social enterprise with a heart for real change by providing reliable, sustainable sources of income, skills training and giving the gift of hope to low income individuals.  

So join us now in breaking the cycle of poverty and unhealthy snacking today by immersing yourself in the Malaysian cultural heritage of batik and Southeast Asian energy boosting nibbles. Let’s eat better and give back together!  

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