Batik Boutique's Success in Empowerment and Collaboration in 2023

Embark on a journey through Batik Boutique's vibrant 2023, marked by a Disney collaboration, creating the bag for the Prime Minister of Malaysia's Budget 2024, and expansion to Singapore pop ups all led to community empowerment in Malaysia. From achieving B Corp Certification to hosting memorable collection launches, our sustainable growth and community impact set the stage for an exciting 2024 ahead.

1. Brands We Worked With: An Array of Collaborations
Collaborating with Icons: Disney, PM's Budget Bag, Zerrin, and Coway

In 2023, Batik Boutique had the privilege of collaborating with esteemed brands and partnerships.

Disney: Unveiling The Little Mermaid Collection in Collaboration with GSC Cinemas

Batik Boutique stepped into the magical world of Disney with a unique collaboration to bring The Little Mermaid to life. Bringing dresses to life from a competition for the movie launch, in collaboration with GSC Cinemas and Disney, was a creative endeavor that blended the magic of cinema and made several little girls' fashion designer dreams come true. 

a family picture in front of gsc event for disney's little mermaid premiere in collaboration with batik boutique a family standing in front of their child's creation for the premier of disney's little mermaid, made by batik boutique

dresses designed by children for the little mermaid event handcrafted by batik boutique

Crafting Tradition for the Nation: The PM's Budget Document Bag

A highlight of the year was the design journey of the 2024 Budget Document Bag. Collaborating with renowned batik artists, we crafted a symbol of tradition, heritage, and empowerment. This bag, designed exclusively for Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, represents more than just functionality; it embodied the resilience of communities working together as a symbol of nation building. 

prime minister of malaysia holding up a bag made by batik boutique prime minister of malaysia inserting an important document within the bag made of batik mdae by batik boutique

the designer behind the prime minister batik bag posing with batik bag

Fashion Meets Sustainability: Zerrin's Sustainable Style Collaboration

In the realm of sustainable fashion, Batik Boutique joined hands with Zerrin, a Singapore-based platform championing slow fashion and ethical practices. The collaboration showcased not only our commitment to sustainable style but also the fusion of cultural heritage with modern design sensibilities for customers in Singapore. 

a picture of the zerrin event a batik boutique representitive at the zerrin event

Corporate Elegance: Designing Corporate Attire for Coway

Batik Boutique ventured into corporate elegance by designing corporate attire for Coway. The collaboration was a testament to the versatility of batik, seamlessly blending tradition with modern corporate aesthetics that also support ESG initiatives. 

coway batik shirt made custom made for coway a batik artist in the process of coloring in batik coway shirts

2. Supporting Artisans and Making a Difference: Giving Back in 2023
Nurturing Artistry, Empowering Lives: A Year of Giving Back

2023 was marked by Batik Boutique's unwavering commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of artisans, communities, and those in need.

Empowering Seamstresses: A Heartfelt Journey of Giving Back

Our collaboration with Women of Global Change and WICCI for the "Giving Back to Artisans Sewing Center" event was a celebration of authenticity and empowerment. Through a silent auction, we acquired an industrial ironing machine for our sewing center and provided essential goods to our talented seamstresses. It was a powerful affirmation of our commitment to sustainability, empowerment, and social impact amongst vulnerable communities in Malaysia.

batik boutique hosts a giving back to the seamstresses event a seamstress in the process of making batik shirts

Education and Empowerment: Supporting 23 Refugee Children Monthly

Beyond providing job skills and sustainable income opportunities, Batik Boutique extended its support of education by contributing to 23 refugee children's monthly school fees. This commitment echoes our belief in the power of education to create lasting change for future generations and that all children deserve a basic right of education. 


3. Collections Unveiled: A Palette of Creativity
Unveiling the Colors of Tradition: Collections that Resonate

Batik Boutique's commitment to preserving cultural heritage was evident in the diverse collections launched throughout the year.

CNY, Raya, Fathers Day, and Merdeka Collections: Celebrating Cultural Moments

From Chinese New Year and Hari Raya collections to special editions honoring Fathers Day and Merdeka, each collection was a celebration of cultural moments and traditions. These collections resonated with the essence of each occasion, showcasing the versatility of batik.



4. Corporate Creativity: ESG Corporate Workshop
Fostering Creativity and Connection: ESG Corporate Workshop Success

In the corporate realm, Batik Boutique pioneered workshops that went beyond business, fostering creativity, team bonding, and cultural exploration.

ESG Corporate Workshop: Bridging Sustainability and Corporate Engagement

The Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Corporate Workshop brought together teams from Berjaya, Monash University, HSBC, and Creative Elements. It was a year where creativity and collaboration bloomed, and good conversations and initiatives centered on ESG and SDG partnerships evolved. 


5. Global Perspectives: Official B Corp Certified & JC3 Conference Participation 
A Seat at the Global Table: JC3 Conference and B Corp Certification

Achieving B Corp Certification: A Testament to Ethical Practices

Batik Boutique achieved the prestigious global B Corp Certification, a testament to our commitment to ethical practices, sustainability, and positive social impact. This certification marked a milestone in our journey towards being a socially responsible enterprise and sets our brand up as a stakeholder in the region focused on sustainability and community impact as one of the first ten companies in Malaysia to obtain this rigorous and esteemed certification. 


Invited to Exhibit at JC3 Conference: Showcasing Impactful Initiatives

In the pursuit of global sustainability, Batik Boutique actively participated in the JC3 Journey to Zero Climate Change Conference. Our participation in the JC3 conference allowed us to showcase impactful initiatives, connect with prominent figures like the Minister of Natural Resources, Environment, and Climate Change, and highlight our role in driving sustainable growth while supporting marginalized communities, and we look forward to deeper partnerships in 2024 from this. 


6. A Joyful Conclusion: Holiday Party with a Purpose
Spreading Joy and Goodwill: Batik Boutique Holiday Party 2023

The year concluded on a festive note with the Batik Boutique Holiday Party in December. Beyond the glamour of our dazzling Holiday Collection fashion show, the event had a purpose – spreading joy and kindness.



Percentage of Profits Donated to Humanitarian Effort in Gaza: A Heartfelt Gesture

During the Holiday Party, Batik Boutique showcased not only fashion but a commitment to giving back. A percentage of profits from the event were donated to support humanitarian efforts in Gaza in the amount of RM 5,000. It was a heartfelt gesture, reinforcing our dedication to making a positive impact beyond the realm of fashion.

batik boutique donated RM5,000 to humanitarian work in gaza 

Anticipating 2024: It's Only Impossible Until it's Done

As we weave take this time to reflect our growth and impact from 2023, Batik Boutique looks forward to more possibilities and plans that 2024 will bring. Each year we struggle with the normal small business obstacles. We have fought hard to survive and sustain after the Covid global pandemic. And we continue to grow in leaps in bounds both in design, as a company, and in our impact keeping our product artisan made and authentically Malaysian batik.

With a commitment to sustainability, empowerment, and creative endeavors, we look forward to another year. We have a few surprises in store for you like a new retail location and exciting collaborations. Solving poverty issues and scaling artisan products all while doing good is no easy feat. But as our Founder and CEO, Amy Blair always reminds us - "It's only impossible until it's done." And each year, with your support and feedback, we keep accomplishing the impossible and realize we are actually able to accomplish so much together. 

Thank you from all of us at Batik Boutique for an incredible 2023. And here's to an even more amazing 2024!

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