Types of Modern Dads We Know and Love

Dads come in all forms – some quirky, some strict, and some that never run out of dad jokes. 

Whether your dad is diagnosing the latest problem with your car, mastering the grill, or sneaking you extra pocket money -  there’s a long list of reasons to celebrate every dad. 

Much like hand-crafted batik, no two dads are exactly the same. Fortunately, there are two things that all dads have in common: they show love in their own unique way, and they’ll appreciate just about anything you give them for Father’s Day. But to make this day special in lockdown, why not get dad a gift that truly speaks to his personality. 

We spoke to five different types of dads to help figure out which gifts these dads will appreciate most. Meet the five modern day dads that we know and love. 

1. The Corporate Dad 


He’s a Father and a CEO, and he means business. 

Nowadays, you’ll find the Corporate Dad on non-stop zoom meetings. Given his ‘always-on’ work ethos, this dad might still be in the process of adjusting to his new WFH situation. 

Keep dad looking professional at home (from the waist up at least!) with one of our classic batik shirts. Help get dad in the groove of WFH by completing his home office set up with an artisan-made, leather-bound KL collection journal or a hand-poured Bergamot, Cedarwood and Musk soy candle. He'll also love our men’s gift set with a batik necktie and pocket square, which you can now embroider complimentary for a limited time.  

2. The Hipster Dad 


The Hipster Dad is all about style.   

He’s the dad with fun socks that loves his coffee and has the down-low on the best new Netflix series you should be watching. 

The Hipster Dad appreciates a gift that speaks to his unique style. For this dad, you can't go wrong with one of our new batik Cuban shirts. There’s nothing quite like a hand-painted pastels print on lightweight cotton to take dad from lockdown to Langkawi, at least in his dreams.

We're also giving away a free three-ply, reusable mask with every purchase of a men’s shirt, exclusively for the fathers in lockdown.

3. The Outdoor Dad


This dad looks for any opportunity to be outdoors in the fresh air. 

If he isn’t out finishing his latest marathon, he’s out on the latest trail he found just around the corner. Sometimes, the Outdoor Dad  might even take you with him - with the promise of a nasi lemak or roti canai at the end.

Got a hiking addict on your hands that’s just itching to get outdoors? Bring the outdoors to him with our Forest Arabesque batik shirt  - a print inspired by the landscape of our tropical Malaysian rainforests. Gift him an artisan-made bamboo tumbler with the KL skyline. And for a limited time, dads will also get five free dad-themed tea bags from local herbal infusion specialist, Rhymba Hills. 

4. The Chef Dad


The Chef Dad has a special place in our hearts – and our stomachs. 

Whether he’s a fine-dining aficionado or BBQ pit-master, this dad has an appetite for a life full of flavour. You’ll often find him cooking up a storm in the kitchen or on the bbq.

If your dad is a regular Gordan Ramsay, our Olive Dinosaur Baking Set is the perfect gift for him this Father's Day. Available in a matching kid's set, all our baking sets come with a hand-printed batik apron, three assorted cookie cutters, one whisk and a sugar cookie recipe card. 

5. The Frontliner Dad


This dad is a true, modern-day hero.  

Over the last year, Frontline Fathers have navigated a unique set of challenges as they balance the needs of their jobs and the safety of their families. When he's not playing a part in braving the pandemic, this dad is at home spending quality time with his family.  

The perfect gift for the Frontliner Dad is a hand-printed batik necktie and pocket square that he can show off while he's doing his rounds in the hospital. And you’ll definitely want to keep him protected and stylish in one of our KL collection reusable face masks - 3rd party tested in Europe and scoring the same level of filtration as an N95 mask.  

When you shop with Batik Boutique this Father’s Day, your purchase directly impacts the Artisan Dads that dedicate their lives to keeping the art of batik alive. We are here to help you gift with purpose anywhere in the world - just leave us a note at checkout for personalised embroidery, handwritten notes and gift-wrapping. 

Happy Father’s Day from all of us at Batik Boutique.

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