Malaysia Tops Top 10 Lists

It’s interesting to me that, as a resident of Malaysia these last 15 years, this 66th largest country actually tops many global lists of all sorts. Here are some noteworthy ones I’ve seen over the years.

#1 Most rainfall in Asia

That’s saying a lot because there is a lot of rain in many places in Asia

Credit: The Star

#1 in Power Distance

This relates to the sway someone in power or authority has over others, including in parent-child relationships.

Credit: Rodolfo Clix

#1 Best location for expats to retire in Asia 2021

Unfortunately, it slipped in 2022. But still holds lots of reasons for people to come live.

Credit: Azri Suratmin

#1 Best resort in Condé Nast, 2003 for Pangkor Laut Resort, run by YTL.

Credit: Pangkor Laut Resort

#3 Most lightning storms in the world

Credit: Dmitry Zvolskiy

#1 Tallest twin towers in the world

It is none other than the iconic Petronas Twin Towers.

Credit: Pixabay

#2 Tallest building in the world (to be completed in 2023)

Credit: Merdeka 118

#2 Most expensive place to own a car due to taxes

Credit: Khairi Harry

#1 Female board members in Asia

Credit: RODNAE Productions

#1 Home to the largest flower in the world

Credit: Photo by Colin + Meg

Lastly, #1 Batik brand in the world!

We’re proud of the impact we make with engaging hundreds of artisans, and shipping to 40+ countries worldwide. We are also #1 in shopping on TripAdvisor in Kuala Lumpur. Thank you to our amazing customers that helped us reach this huge milestone.

I hope you enjoyed learning more about Malaysia!


- Ryan Blair, Business Development Director

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