Holiday Inspiration

Since starting Batik Boutique, I am challenged to come up with fresh ideas and ways of staying inspired. I’d love to say that there is meticulous process that takes place, in which I take a two-week vacation to capture the beauty in some of the remote corners of Malaysia. But, the truth is, inspiration often comes at the most unexpected times and often in the most familiar places.

Earlier this year I was carrying out a routine visit to Kelantan, where our artisans are located. As I made away around the studio I saw something so unusual in the batik world. It was a subdued, steely grey fabric that was woven with the most subtle and delicate thread. Immediately I began to ask questions about where this was from? How it was made? What materials were used and on that day I was introduced to Tenun, which quite simply put means a woven silk fabric.

I began to explore with our artisans how we could incorporate this technique into our batik fabric and from there was born a batik block that took into account and consideration the delicacy and expertise of such a graceful woven design.

To me, the holiday season has always been about adding that extra special touch, going the extra mile and paying attention to the smallest details. That’s why you’ll find each our pillows, using the tenun inspired batik, has four handmade woolen tassels crafted by women in our sewing training centre.


Our placemats and coasters have an overlay of delicate metallic thread running through them in an almost snowflake design purely inspired by tenun and adding that little touch of sparkle for all those special occasions and holiday entertaining.

It is my hope that this year in our Holiday collection you’ll notice all those extra handmade details by our artisans and that you and those that you gift our products to will feel as special and appreciated as the tenun is in Malaysia.

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