Enhance Your Company's Image and Social Impact with Artisan Corporate Gifts in Bulk from Batik Boutique

In today's fast-paced business world, making a lasting impression on clients, partners, and employees is crucial for building and maintaining strong relationships. One way to achieve this is by giving unique and thoughtful corporate gifts. Batik Boutique offers a wide range of handcrafted gifts that not only reflect your company's values but also create a positive social impact.


The Benefits of Choosing Batik Boutique for Corporate Gifts:

Batik Boutique's handcrafted gifts are made using traditional batik Malaysia techniques, resulting in visually appealing and functional products. By choosing Batik Boutique for your corporate gifts, you can: 

  1. Enhance Your Company Image: Gifting high-quality, handcrafted items from Batik Boutique showcases your company's attention to detail, commitment to excellence, and appreciation for traditional art forms. It leaves a lasting impression and enhances your brand image.

  2. Show Your Appreciation: Gifting employees, partners, or clients with thoughtful and meaningful gifts sends a message that you value their contributions and appreciate their loyalty. It helps to build a strong bond between the two parties.

  3. Support Local Artisans: By purchasing from Batik Boutique, you are not only getting unique, high-quality gifts, but you are also supporting local artisans who are developing traditional batik techniques. Studies have shown that employing artisans brings 1.5 jobs to the economy, making your purchase a socially responsible investment.

  4. Meet SDG and ESG Goals: Batik Boutique is a social enterprise accredited by the Malaysian government at the highest level of social impact. By choosing us for your corporate gifts, you contribute to your company's SDG and ESG goals, making it a responsible investment for your business. We specifically focus on the following Sustainable Development Goals as defined by the United Nations
this photo show about Batik Boutique Accredited by the Malaysian government at the highest level of social impact, meeting UN SDGs 1, 5, and 8.
Top Gift Options from Batik Boutique:
1. Batik Shirts for Men and Women:
Available in various colors and designs, the apparel can be customized with your corporate identity and colors. We can also provide scarves and neckties.
Batik Boutique's collaboration with KWEST showcased in this image, featuring custom gift sets with KWEST logo on Baju Kedah top, Batik Journal, Wooden Tumbler & Batik Key Fob. Batik Boutique collaborated with ShipIn and embroidered their logo on scarves for a custom look Batik Boutique collaborates with Tourism Malaysia, embroidering their logo on a pocket square
2. Eco-Friendly Tumblers:
Our sustainable tumblers, made from bamboo or batik cloth, are customizable with your company colors and logo.
Batik Boutique's previous collaboration with Old Town White Coffee featuring custom logo on our batik tumbler. Batik Boutique's previous collaboration with Shearwater featuring custom logo on our wooden tumbler.
3. Batik Corporate Gifts for Travel & Organization:
Our handcrafted travel bags and organizer sets are not only functional but also add a touch of elegance to any situation.
Batik Boutique's collaboration with UEM Edgenta featuring our batik organizer set with their logo embossed on leather for a custom look Batik Boutique's collaboration with Carl Zeiss featuring our batik organizer set with their logo heat transfer on batik for a custom look
4. Batik Home Decor:
Choose from our range of handcrafted items, such as coaster sets, table runners, and cushion covers, all featuring intricate batik designs that can be customized with your corporate colors.
Batik Boutique's previous collaboration with NSL featuring our batik homeware set with their logo on the packaging. Batik Boutique's nasi lemak homeware set
Batik Boutique produced corporate gifts in bulk for many clients both in Malaysia, Singapore, and the United States. Here are some of the companies we work with:
Batik Boutique's list of previous clients we've worked with

We offer professional communication and planning Make a lasting impression on your clients, employees, and partners while contributing to your SDG and ESG goals with Batik Boutique. Download our catalog and get in touch today for a conversation and custom quote.

In addition to batik gifting in bulk for companies or events, Batik Boutique also offers complete design and sourcing for global clients. We design and produce customized (GWP) products to meet your company's budget, branding, and quantity requirements. When you partner with us, you receive excellent communication, professional designs, worry free project management and logistics for unique gifts your customers will love. You can feel good knowing each premium gift supports the people behind the products and creates an impact story for your brand doing business for good.

Batik Boutique partnered with Kimberly Clark under the Kotex brand to design a nationwide campaign for sanitary pads packaging and a gift with purpose batik inspired pouch, along with a marketing even at Kuala Lumpur Fashion week complete with fashion runway designs which went on to win marketing awards at a regional level. Marketing Manager Frenissa Lagman shared this about the collaboration: “I never thought that one day I would see sanitary pads wrapped with batik design. This is a classic display of thinking out of the box, and I believe if we put all our talents together, Malaysia can go really far.” 
Batik Boutique's founder and a Kimberly Clark representative hold Kotex pad and Batik Boutique products. Batik Kotex and pouch by Batik Boutique Kotex x Batik Boutique run away fashion show at KL Fashion Week

In addition to artisan batik gifts in bulk and design and sourcing, Batik Boutique also offers team-building workshops. Batik and Shibori workshops are held both onsite at the Kuala Lumpur location, at your company’s location, or virtually globally. "It was a a fun, hands on-experience with the Batik Boutique team! Such a great experience with them," shared TÜV Rheinland

 Unleashing inner artists with TUV's team building session Unleashing inner artists with TUV's team building session Unleashing inner artists with TUV's team building session Unleashing inner artists with TUV's team building session

Batik Boutique is your one-stop shop for all your customizing and personalizing gifting needs in bulk. Want to schedule a call with our team? Click here to set up a call or download our catalog and let’s do good together!

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