Accomplishing Goals and Rewarding Success

A huge part of what we do is artisan empowerment. But what does that mean? Our seamstress, Fitri, is a perfect example of artisan empowerment.

Batik Boutique trains seamstresses at our sewing training center in marketable skills like sewing and lifestyle skills like financial literacy and goal setting. We develop artisans for their longevity and future beyond Batik Boutique. Learning goal setting and then rewarding those who achieve those goals is a powerful tool. We hold quarterly reviews with all our seamstresses and recognize both small and large achievements and assist them in setting their own goals for the following time period.


Recently, Fitri, was awarded our Artisan of the Quarter for her hard work and growth over the past three months. When she first joined us at Batik Boutique, she did not know how to sew or have basic job skills. However, in just a few short months, she has already proven a hard work ethic and potential to earn sustainable income. She began learning to sew and told us she “feels proud of her ability to provide for her children and grow in independence.” 

Well done Fitri! We are so proud of you and all you have accomplished.

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