A Beginner's Guide to Plant Parenthood

The never-ending season of screens is still looming, and with it comes around-the-clock connectivity and Zoom calls.

Here is one way to get off the screen...

Enter our new plant starter kits: The Grow Set and The Bloom Set. We worked with our plant people, Eats, Shoots & Roots, to create two beginner sets that come complete with a hand-crafted batik planter, vintage mister, pot, seeds and soil – everything you need to give gardening a go at home. Our friends at the social enterprise Eats, Shoots & Roots are edible garden experts that bring programmes, workshops and products to Malaysian urbanites for ten years running.

Batik Boutique partnered with Eats, Shoots & Roots to bring you a beginner’s guide to successful gardening with kits you can use in a rural or urban setting.

I’ve got everything I need to start. What next?

It’s really easy to get started – grab your pot and fill it with soil and sprinkle just a few of your seeds. Next, cover the seeds with a light layer of soil and give it a spray with with the mister. Keep the soil moist daily and watch your plant grow.

Once the germination begins, make sure your newly sprouted seeds are getting enough sunlight. You can leave your pot out in the garden or by a window during the day and bring it back in the evening. Be sure to provide as much sunlight as possible and avoid areas of heavy rain.

How can I fail-proof my plant journey?

Choosing an easy edible plant to grow like basil or amaranth, which are included in our kits is a good start, and avoid plants like tomatoes and onions when beginning. 

Don't forget plants need water. Your edible plants require water at least twice a day – in the morning and evening. And if you notice your plant is beginning to outgrow its pot, make sure to move it to a bigger pot. The vintage mister included in each set is an important tool. 

Most importantly, don’t be afraid to try and try again if you don’t succeed. 

If my plant looks like its on the verge of death - can I save it?

Does your plant look dry and does its leaves look limp? All it needs is a bit of water and attention to miraculously start growing again. Be careful not to go overboard with the water because overwatering will cause the roots to rot, but under-watering will slowly reintroduce water back into the soil.

Why should I start gardening? 

In an age of instant everything, gardening teaches us to practice patience. It takes time for things to grow – be it a plant or a dream. Perseverance and patience are important values to cultivate in ourselves. 

And if you’re confined to your living spaces, gardening will give you and your family a reason to step out on your balcony or outdoors and away from your devices. Caring for a plant forces us to slow down and be mindful which can reduce stress, improve your mood and well-being.

If you’re looking to get your green thumb in gear, our plant starter sets are a good place to start as each set comes with a guide on how to successfully grow your plants at home. These beginner sets make for a great gift for a friend you miss, a coworker, or the kids in your life. By growing your own greens, the MasterChefs in your life can go from garden to garnish in no time.

Get to know our plant starter sets or explore this simple lockdown recipe that you can make with the basil from your Grow Set and basic ingredients in your kitchen.

Happy planting!

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