Everyone's Perfect Scarf

Add a touch of elegance to your wardrobe with these stylish, one of a kind batik and shibori scarves. Made for everyday comfortable wear, these lightweight scarves are hand-crafted from 100% silk cotton and are wearable all day everyday. 

We tweaked our design and sizing to introduce the art of making the "Hijab Perfect Scarf". These scarves can be styled as a hijab for Muslimah wear, a neck scarf, a headscarf, or over your shoulders for an evening night out. There is always room for more options and without having to compromise on style and feel empowered while doing so. 


As a social enterprise, we strive towards sustainability and focus on the three Ps: people, profit, and the planet using natural fiber fabrics for all products when possible and low-impact dyes like mangosteen leaves. Our products are hand-painted, nothing goes to waste and, upcycle scraps of batik into small products like accessories or face masks that are packed in a biodegradable cornstarch pouch. Each product is sewn by women from our sewing training centre within walking distance from a low-cost housing area as Batik Boutique's mission is to provide skills training and economic opportunities for marginalized communities in Malaysia. 

Shop with purpose and every item purchased from this collection directly impacts the artisans involved. Each product tells a meaningful story behind Malaysian handmade pieces that will last you a lifetime. Shop online and in-store at Batik Boutique and let’s do good together. 

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