Do Small Things With Great Love

Valentine’s Day is not just about romantic love, but simply, love. Whether love for a friend, family member, or pet; a favorite outfit, pair of shoes, or a gift; even love of volunteering, a cause, or a belief: love comes in all forms. 

We’ve listed three things below we here at Batik Boutique LOVE.

  1. Our Artisans: After all, they are who make us who we are. The work we do and the social change we have directly impacts them. We love our artisans because they are creative, dedicated, beautiful, and work hard to make opportunities happen.
  2. Our Message: We aim to disrupt the cycle of poverty in Malaysia by training artisans from low-income backgrounds to produce gifts and fashion accessories. We create fair fashion, home goods, and gifts that empower the people behind each product. That’s our mission. And we love it.
  3. Our Friends: Whether fellow social enterprises or our loyal customers, at Batik Boutique, we love our friends. Like the title of this post says, do small things with great love. It’s the small things you can do, on a daily basis, with great love, that make a difference. And by partnering with Batik Boutique, each purchase or partnership you make directly benefits the artisan who made it.

So, this Valentine’s Day, what do you love? Join us on social media and tell us: what are your greatest loves?

See our Valentine’s Day products below and shop the things we love today! 

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