Batik Boutique Does Our Part in the Global Fashion Revolution Movement



Fashion is a way we all express ourselves. It also serves as a major contributor to economies in many countries. We believe fashion brands should respect culture and heritage, pay artisans and workers fairly, and care for the environment. At Batik Boutique, we support the #FashionRevolution movement by engaging batik artists and seamstresses all across Malaysia. When you shop with us, you can be confident you are making social impact in the community around us.

Batik Boutique believes in a fashion industry that values three P's - people, planet, and profit. One of the ways we do this is by working with seamstresses to set their own financial goals and working hours. Did you know, seamstresses working with us earn an average of 40% higher than industry rate? We also allow mothers who are balancing work and family, sometimes without support from others, to set their own hours. And, our sewing training centre is in walking distance from their flats, so there is not need for transportation. I mean, have you ever seen how much a mother can accomplish in a few hours of focus?

As you consider your purchases, it is important to ask yourself the questions put forth by the Fashion Revolution global movement calling for a fairer, safer, cleaner, more transparent fashion industry too as consumers are part of the story to create change. Do you know #whomadeyourclothes?


We do! You can be proud of Malaysian heritage, and continue to support local artisans by choosing to make purchases with ethical brands like Batik Boutique.    

Do you know that when you purchase from Batik Boutique, you’re supporting 5-10 artisans with fair wages for each product?  We partner with family run batik businesses all across Malaysia to customize our own hand-printed textiles on 100% fibers. It keeps village artisans able to conserve and revive the batik industry, something dear to us. 

Batik Boutique believes that fashion can create opportunities to provide skills so that people can lift themselves out of poverty, create thriving communities, and fulfill their personal aspirations. 


In today's world, sustainability in fashion is crucial. It should be the future of fashion where clothes are made in ways that minimize their impact on the environment. Therefore in addition to social impact, Batik Boutique  is also doing our best to remain low-waste in our production practices. We incorporate using low-impact dyes like our shibori apparels and by turning excess fabric into accessories like our bangles or scrunchies.  

One concept we can all incorporate towards #FashionRevolution is that less is more. Take our hand-painted silk cotton kimonos. They are so versatile you can style them for different occasions (you should be adding into your cart right now!).


You can make a difference by choosing brands that are more sustainable and ethical like Batik Boutique. Always ask yourself, “Who Made My Clothes” as knowing who made our clothes is the first step in transforming the fashion industry. And feel good about your purchases when a brand like ours can answer "We Made Your Clothes!"

Join the #FashionRevolution by purchasing online today. All International purchases over $100 receive FREE shipping too (use code STAYWELL).

Join us in the #FashionRevolution.


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