FR Week - #3 Sanusi: the enchanting Batik

Sanusi is an incredible individual and an impressive textile artisan. He has great understanding about the market and its trends; he understands our needs and is always ready to come up with new fabric designs for our corporate gifts, apparels and garments.

Visiting Sanunsi’s house is always a delightful experience. It’s has a welcoming atmosphere, decorated with the most varied kinds of furniture and objects - creating such enchantment and comfort. An afternoon will never be enough time for talking to Sanusi and his family.

I made your clothes fashion revolution sanusi batik

This seasoned artisan has more than 25 years experience - nowadays focused in Batik blocking. Prior to that, he has has experienced different techniques and materials, such canting (hand drawn Batik). During his first years, Sanusi faced shortage of manpower to produce Batik. He believes the high demand and competition at that time were the main reason for the shortage. Nowadays he has other challenges: cheaper machine made products from bigger and unethical companies.

His workshop is the land of wonders - massive variety of blocks, dyes and fabrics. All those elements involved by the peace of silence, naturally illuminated by roof windows and embraced by the shadows. When asked about the huge amount of blocks, Sanusi told us the reason of keeping all of them:

corporate gifts batik fabrics

“To me, batik evolves just like fashion. I keep all the blocks I have made. When that motif comes back as trend again, I shall use them.” And it has happened. Batik Boutique has been working with customers with very specific needs, such customized corporate gifts for Malaysian companies. They want high quality products with strong malaysian identity. Sanusi has been able to support us with valuable ideas and outputs - he knows well how the true malaysian Batik has too look like.

batik block corporate gift batik fabric

Sanusi’s fabrics are compositions of different elements working in deep harmony - colors, patterns and hand drawn elements. The fabrics reflect his personality, his skills and his soul. Empowering artisans like Sanusi means keeping the wonders of traditions alive. It’s just not about a corporate gift, apparel of garment you purchase - it’s about giving better opportunities in exchange of a great product.

Fashion Revolution has started. Join it. And don’t forget to show your love for those who made your clothes - we will love to bring them your comment!

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